Marg Richardson - Course Coordinator/Trainer

Marg Richardson has been involved with horses all her life and has bred and rides Arabians horses on her home property in NW Tasmania. It was a mare with a club foot that started the barefoot journey for Marg after deciding the options for the natural trim was the surest way to succeed with her. She remained totally sound for endurance and future careers in campdrafting and other disciplines. Marg completed that endurance year with two other horses without shoes, finishing off winning and gaining Best Conditioned horse at the State Championships (two star 90km FEI) ride with her home bred horse Mahtob in 4 Easyboot Bares. She currently rides home bred horses Bold Nickel and Crazy Cat who are both by her favourite stallion Chip Chase Sadaqa.

Whilst learning to trim and due to her frustration at there being no official Australian qualification for natural hoof trimmers, Marg and three friends - Jen Clingly, Jeremy Ford and Cynthia Cooper, together with professional advice from other trimmers, farriers and scientists, developed the Certificate in Equine Hoof Care Course (ACEHP) underpinned with Nationally accredited units. This was the first time in Australia that students could gain a nationally recognised qualification. Since then ACEHP has grown and has qualified trimmers in successful businesses Australia wide and internationally.

The barefoot movement and it's philosophies has enveloped Marg's life like so many others and has been a professional trimmer for over 12 years. Marg now trims part time, as she works in her Equine Assisted Therapy business on the North West Coast - www.margrichardson.com.au. 

Marg specializes in rehabilitation of foundered horses and veterinary assisted work, as well as offering consultation services.

She is a member of IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapists)

“A big shout out to Marg Richardson for her support and the bare foot trimming to get Smooch’s feet right. Without this wonderful lady, Smooch may have been unsound for life. Marg has been my rock..” Mickarla Townsend, 2018
Just a quick appreciation post for my wonderful farrier Marg Richardson! I cannot thank you enough for the magic you have worked on squeaky’s feet! From being unsound for over 18 months, where he couldn’t even trot without being very visibly lame, with no one being able to pinpoint the issue to having his first day back at pony club where not only did he canter, he also jumped some small jumps! It’s still early days so time will tell if he does stay sound or if he is limited in any way, but the results speak for themselves already!
— Kayla Bray 2017
Alfie had been constantly abscessing from the coronet band for over 8 months before Marg came to our rescue. With numerous Vet visits and courses of Antibiotics we had gotten to the stage where our Vet had said there was nothing more he could do to help Alfie.

Marg turned up to my property 7 months ago, and we have not had one abscess since. She made no promises, but said that with constant and regular trimming, keeping that hoof short and open that she thought she might be able to fix it. Since then Marg has turned up every 3 weeks without fail to trim that hoof. She has been kind and gentle with Alfie, while explaining to me everything she did. I cannot thank Marg enough for what she has done for us, her skills and knowledge of horses and their hooves is inspiring and I would highly recommend anybody that is struggling with hoof issues to contact her.
— Emma Cooney, Devonport 2017
It was so great to see Marg Richardson arrive at our property to assess and trim the hooves of my new Thoroughbred! We have been a barefoot “family” for eight years and have learned everything we know about barefoot trimming from Marg, Jen and Jeremy. However, my new horse Monty is my first TB and at ten years old has always worn shoes. I wanted help and guidance from the barefoot experts with the transition from shoes to barefoot so that Monty’s experience could be as comfortable and safe as possible. Marg’s kind and patient handling made him feel calm and confident as she provided me with detailed information about each of his feet, as well as forming an overall plan and time frame for the transition phase. By the time our session ended Monty had a well trimmed set of feet to start his barefoot life and I was armed with a plan and plenty of information to continue his successful transition. That was only a few short weeks ago and thanks to Marg, Monty is happy, healthy, sound and trail riding on his new bare feet! Love it! - (and a second message the next day) - Monty and I did a 3 1/2 hour trail ride on Monday forest and gravel roads with boots on front feet only and he went very well. Also, maybe my imagination but I think he feels better than ever and seems happier. Hmm
— Dawn Douglas-Bill Lapoinya 2016
For four months my mare was experiencing intermittent lameness, sometimes mild, sometimes very pronounced. I had taken her for a consult with an equine vet, and had various therapists work with her to try to get some answers however nothing made any difference. It finally occurred to me I needed to address the hooves, so I got in touch with Marg. From the first trim my mare improved, she has continued to improve ever since and she is now sound and back in work. I’m very thankful Marg was able to work with me and my girl.
— Kristen Kay, Smithton 2016
We are blessed with three aged thoroughbreds, one of who has always had real problems with his flat feet! No winter went past without the inevitable foot abscesse... However, since having Marg Richardson trimming his feet we survived a very wet winter without a single problem. Her gentle approach has paid off with all our rather arthrickity old boys!! It is great to have the services of an efficient, patient and reliable professional.
— Ann and Peter H.
Marg Richardson has worked wonders on the feet of the numerous miniature ponies who come into RSPCA’s care with laminitis and seedy toe. Helping get these ponies, literally back on their feet and ready for adoption.
— Lisa Edwards, Manager Devonport Animal Care Centre

North West

0419 572 255

Qualifications & Experience

Maters Social Work, Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Cert IV Training and Assessing, Cert Equine Hoof Care, Cert Horticulture, Cert Quality Assurance trainer and assessor

2005 - Jeremy Ford AANHCP trimming clinics

2005 - Equethy trimming workshop WA

2006 - Pete Ramey AANHCP 2 day clinic

2006 - Bain Fallon Veterinary/Farriers 2 day Conference - Dr. Ric Redden

2000-2006 - Bain Fallon veterinary lectures

2007 - Co-Coordinator for Australia's first national qualification in Hoof Trimming Certificate

2007 to ongoing - Trainer and mentor with ACEHP - Certificate in Equine Hoof Care

2008 - Dr. Bob Bowker seminar

2009 - Professor Chris Pollitt Laminitis Lectures

2008 to ongoing - Member Australian Brumby Research Unit (Qld University) undertaking field trips and participating in research. www.wildhorseresearch.com

2011 - Organiser with Rebecca Scott - held Australia's first International hoof conference "The Functional Hoof" at Werribee, Victoria with 17 keynote speakers from around the world.

2012-2016 - Bachelor Behavioural Science - Utas

2015 - professional development with Garrett Ford CEO Easycare Inc - boot fitting

2016 - professional development HorseSA conference Equine Workplace Safety

2007-2016 (annual lectures) - professional development Lectures: Carol Layton Nutrition, Prof. Chris Pollitt, Animal Welfare RSPCA, Horsemanship with Carlos Tabernaberri, bodywork with Ken Green.

Other lectures and talks attended include - Katy Watts - http://www.safergrass.org/, Darryl Clifford (qld), Dr. Melanie Quick (field days)

2016 - Professional Development - Master Class and additional Pete Ramey Seminars - Canberra, Melbourne and Tasmania

February 2017 - Professional Development - Sharon May-Davis, Bio mechanics seminar

2017 - October 2017 - ECIR 3 day "No Laminitis" Conference - Tucson Arizona, United States (covering: Insulin Resistance, Cushing's Disease, Laminitis). www.ecirhorse.org/conference-press-releases.php

Nov 2017 - EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning) Certification

Dec 2017 - ACEHP Endorsed Brumby observation trip and collegial meeting - Victoria. In combination with Professor Chris Pollitt.

2018 - Qualified Masters in Social Work

2018 - Professional Development - ACEHP Master Class - 2 Day Seminar - Pete Ramey Hoof Trimming

2018 - 4 Day horsemanship clinic with Anthony Desreaux, Tasmania