South Australian Trimmers

Listed below are recommended trimmers who have either completed or commenced training.
So why barefoot? Because that's what is best for the horse, in the long term and on every level. 


Jenny Austin

Qualified Trimmer
0404 168 395
South Australia


Geoff Cook

Qualified Trimmer
0422 445 855
Southern Adelaide Hills

400-528-1567 (1).jpg

Rachael Muckleston

Qualified Trimmer
0429 353 680
Yorke and Lower North

Teresea Munyard

Qualified Trimmer

South Australia


Siobhan Nicholls

Qualified Trimmer
0475 263 264
Far North Flinders Ranges


Luke Siedel

Qualified Trimmer
0474 151 462
Adelaide Hills


Pauline Williams

Qualified Trimmer
0407 863 575
North East

Natalie van Amstel.jpg

Natalie van Amstel

Trainee Trimmer 0422369045 Barossa Valley & surrounding areas.

Jarrod craven

Trainee Trimmer
0419 548 703
Adelaide hills and Murraylands