About Australian Certified Equine Hoofcare Practitioners

Australia's longest running Certificate Course underpinned by NATIONALLY ACCREDITED UNITS 

The ACEHP is an Australian association of Qualified Hoof Care Practitioners and Hoof Rehabilitation Specialists. All students listed on this site have studied a 12 month trade certificate course in Equine Hoof Care. Importantly it is underpinned with nationally recognized units consolidated around equine hoof care. This course prides itself as being the best source of practical hoof care in the world.

Our aim of the course and the practitioners: 
To advance the welfare, care and management of domestic equines through the education of proven practice and principles of sound, healthy, happy horses. In particular to highlight the wild horse as a model for natural hoof care and horse keeping. 


ACEHP is run by RIDERS who are successful in their field of excellence, ALL our trainers work in the field, trimming, training workshops and consulting for rehabilitation. 

ACEHP work closely with Professor Chris Pollitt of Queensland University and utilize his 30 year studies of the distal limb, anatomy, laminitis research and wild horse research. 

Most importantly ACEHP is about the HORSE. The horse is the authority or the critic of a trim. The horse is always working to optimize the health, form and function of his feet and ACEHP practitioners know to work with him and listen, not impose ideas and preconceived notions. While there are some elements held in common, each horse is unique and must be approached with that foremost in their minds. 


This is Australia's premier 'hands on' practical course in Equine Hoof Care, underpinned with Nationally Accredited Units.

Established in 2007, this course was developed to meet an increasing demand in the Horse Industry, to educate and qualify people in the natural care of horses hooves. 

This course is available to anybody around Australia. There is an  initial two week intensive block and then students complete all further studies, assignments and case studies at their own home by flexible delivery.