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Northern Territory - Wild About Hooves - DESERT BRUMBY ADVENTURE TOUR


Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th June 2018,
Alice Springs, Northern Territory

For those keen to observe Australian brumbies in their natural habitats in outback Northern Territory then this trip is a must. There is so much to be learned from observation of the wild horses and their relevance to our domestic equines. Living examples will cement all your beliefs that horses don’t need metal shoes. 
This is a rare chance to study our wild horses and gain understanding of their hardiness especially their tough sound hooves. 
We will camp under the stars and enjoy meals in the harsh yet spectacular environment that causes the production of these incredible hooves. 
4 DAY TOUR – all inclusive $1200 INCLUDES: All meals and camping equipment 4 x jam packed days touring 4wd vehicle transport, fully guided.
Places are limited and spots fill fast

Contact: Jen Clingly

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Northern Territory - Workshops and Clinics - Alice Springs

No Hoof, No Horse - learn to trim workshop


Alice Springs, Northern Territory - Sunday 3rd June 2018

No Hoof, No Horse - learn to trim workshop
Contact: Faye Hatch

This jam-packed fun, educational and practical workshop is aimed to give participants the skills, confidence and knowledge to maintain their own horses hooves.
It is classroom based theory in the morning and practical hands-on in the afternoon with demonstration trimming and cadaver trim tuition.
Participants will learn the principles and practice of natural hoof care and horse keeping to ensure sound, happy, healthy horses. Study also includes the distal limb anatomy, recognising and treating common hoof pathologies, the relevance of the wild horse, measuring and fitting hoof boots and learning to recognise land marks on the hoof to trim safely to. 

Please note: Take home kit includes learn to trim DVD, information booklets, hoof boot information and hoof pick. 
Trimming tools can be borrowed or purchased at the workshops.

This one day workshop can credit trainees as a mentorship for their certificate in equine hoof care and

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