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No Hoof, No Horse – 2 day learn to trim workshop, DELORAINE, TASMANIA


No Hoof, No Horse - Learn to Trim Workshop.

CONTACT: jenclingly@yahoo.com.au

Website: www.wildabouthooves.com.au

Phone: 0408 838 198

The workshop of all workshops! Based at headquarters of Wild About Hooves, the trainers have access to all their learning material, hoof specimens, barefoot performance horses,  and hoof protections at the ready as it doesn’t have to be culled or crammed into travel luggage.

This weekend aims to give participants a strong understanding of hoof trimming and the skills to maintain their own horses hooves, to recognise & treat common hoof pathologies, to recognise healthy hooves & unhealthy hooves, and the keys to success with happy, healthy, sound horses.

there is loads of practical sessions including trim demonstrations on a wide variety of hooves, cadaver leg dissections to understand the limb & hoof anatomy & cadaver trim tuition for students.

Please note – this is a two day workshop – either day can be attended but day one is a pre-requisite for attending the advanced trimming on day two. students are also back for a refresher at half price.

A stellar learning opportunity. Come and join us.

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