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BALLARAT VIC No Hoof No Horse Learn to Trim Workshop – 1 day

"No Hoof, No Horse" 
One Day Learn to Trim your Horse workshop!
Sunday 25th August 2019
Contact: Jen Clingly

Phone: 0408 838 198



Don’t miss our popular No Hoof, No Horse – learn to trim one day workshop at Ballarat.

The day is jam-packed educational, fun and hands-on to give participants the practical skills and knowledge to maintain their own horses hooves.

Hoof trim demonstrations, cadaver trim tuition and loads of power point presentations to give participants a solid understanding of how to trim safely to land marks on the hoof. Book now.

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to Aug 18

No Hoof, No Horse – Learn to trim – 2 day workshop, Mooralla, VICTORIA

August 2019, Mooralla, VICTORIA - TRIM WORKSHOP
No Hoof, No Horse - learn to trim workshop, Wongaburra Horsemanship Centre
Contact: Chris Corbidge

The workshop of all workshops! Hosted by Wongaburra Horsemanship Centre, this weekend aims to give participants a strong understanding of hoof trimming and the skills to maintain their own horses hooves, to recognise & treat common hoof pathologies, to recognise healthy hooves & unhealthy hooves, and the keys to success with happy, healthy, sound horses.

There is loads of practical sessions including trim demonstrations on a wide variety of hooves, cadaver leg dissections to understand the limb & hoof anatomy & cadaver trim tuition for students.

Please note – this is a two day workshop – either day can be attended but day one is a pre-requisite for attending the advanced trimming on day two.

A stellar learning opportunity. Fun and educational! Come and join us.

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